Our Services

    Websites & Portals

    Greateck will provide you with
    greatly designed, responsive and highly usable websites and portals for your business and online presence.
    We have 20+ years of experience in the software industry, and know a thing or two about the big WWW :)
    Whatever the technology you want or need, satisfaction guaranteed!

    Marketing Videos

    Greateck specializes in creating amazing marketing and informative videos.
    Whether you are looking to market your brand, you website, solution, or mobile app. And whether you need animated character, whiteboard, flat or 3D design videos ... we've got you covered!
    Check out some of our awesome work
    Greateck Videos

    Mobile Applications

    If you are seeking to have your footprint on everyone's mobile phone, you've come to the right place.
    Our team is equipped with a wide experience in developing Mobile applications on both Android and iOS platforms.
    Even if you already have an app that you want to improve, our team is more than happy to deliver.

    E-Commerce Solutions

    With the boom of the online e-commerce solutions, having an online presence for your business with shopping capacity is a no-brainer.
    We at greateck can help you create that perfect e-commerce solution to cover all your needs, and reach out to your customers locally as well as globally

    Team Augmentation

    Already have your own development team? Need to add more resources, fast, and with excellent skill set?
    We support team augmentation services, and can assign excellent developers, project managers, QA and Customer Service resources on as short as 6 months commitment, and for as long as you require.

    SEO & Social Media

    Your online presence is never complete without proper SEO and Social Media Marketing.
    Our team has excellent expertise to ensure your business is well promoted on the best suited social media for your business, as well as improving your SEO on top search engines!

    Our Story

    Our Story

    With over 20 years of experience in developing, managing, and delivering excellent quality software solutions to clients, we founded Greateck. Greateck is a software development company that partners with clients, with an aim to provide them with exactly what they need: Great Technology. Our vast expertise in different platforms allows us to partner with different clients and utilizing any technology to deliver on time and within budget. We presently have clients across the globe in the US, Canada, Europe and the Gulf. We undertake complete solution development including Project Management, Development, Quality Assurance, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Whether you are seeking a web, e-commerce, or mobile solution, Greateck is your technology partner.

    Our Team

    We play hard but work harder. Essentially our team comes equiped with over 20 years of experience in a multitude of platforms and solutions, and utilizing top methodologies for software development across the product life cycle. Whether you are seeking a web, mobile solution, or any other software service, you are surely to be amazed by what GreaTECK team can provide.

    Happy Customers

    We strive to draw happiness and smiles on our clients' faces. Our positive attitude towards making things happen, along with great skills and a get things done professional approach is a sure thing to leave you astonished and satisfied. Some short testimonials below.